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ECourt Services For CSC VLE’s

eCourts services for CSC vles

ECourt Services For VLE’s are the use of technology to provide people with legal services and access to justice. VLEs, or Village Level Entrepreneurs, can play an important role in providing e-court services to people in rural areas who do not have easy access to legal services.

Some examples of eCourt Services For VLE’s

eCourts services for CSC vles
eCourts services for CSC vles
  • E-filing of cases: VLEs can help people file cases online and ensure that the necessary documents are submitted.
  • Case tracking: VLEs can help people track the status of their cases online and keep them informed about any updates.
  • Legal advice: VLEs can provide legal advice to people on various legal matters and connect them with lawyers if necessary.
  • Online dispute resolution: VLEs can facilitate online dispute resolution for small disputes, reducing the burden on the court system.

Official Website – https://services.csccloud.in/ecourt/Default.aspx

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